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Replacement Baths in Montgomery

Don’t settle for your stained, and chipped bath, replace it with Tubs & More! We’ve been restoring bathrooms in Montgomery to their former glory since 1998 and we’re ready to do the same for your Montgomery bath! We know that a great bathroom starts with a beautiful bathtub, and we have the options available to match your needs. 

Why Replace Your Montgomery Bath?

Dingy, old fashioned, cracked, and staining, these are signs that your bath is on it’s way out! Updating your bath not only makes your home feel brand new, but it’s also a health benefit for your family! Tubs & More has been working with the Alabama community to make their homes more functional and more attractive. If you suspect that a new bathtub would benefit your home, consider these tell tale signs:

  • Your bath has become harder to clean. Older bath surfaces become porous after years of use which makes cleaning more difficult.
  • Cracking on the bath finish. Cracks are a clear sign of age, and may lead to larger, more costly damage to your home
  • Staining in the tub and around the finish. As tubs age and finish deteriorates, their surfaces can trap moisture and produce straining or mildew deposits.
  • Lack luster functionality. Your bath may just not be what your family needs! Conversions can bring new life to the space and provide additional comfort for your family.

Replacement Bathtubs in Montgomery Bathrooms

Tubs & More offers the best selection in Montgomery bathroom remodeling! Here are just some of the services and options we offer:

  • Bath and shower combinations that provide the best of both worlds
  • New bath surroundss are an inexpensive alternative to total replacement
  • A brand new tub or shower can bring new life to an old bathroom
  • A new shower enclosure adds comfort to your standing shower
  • Installing walk-in or low edge bathtubs can give accessibility that previously was unavailable for differently-abled family members

Choose Tubs & More For Montgomery Replacement Tubs

We know you have options when choosing bath remodelers in Montgomery, but we’re confident that Tubs & More’s services and value beats them all. Just look at the reviews your neighbors have given us in the Alabama area.  Or look at our gallery for more inspiration for your upcoming bath remodeling project. 

Montgomery Replacement Baths

Tubs & More is ready to get started creating a new bathroom for you. Contact us today to be put in touch with our expert designers and remodelers to start making your needs into a reality. Fill out our short form, or call us at 334-518-4615 today!

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