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Acrylic Shower Installation in Montgomery

Is your dingy, stained shower making you feel less clean than when you got in? Time to call Tubs & More to discuss a new acrylic shower! Not only will a new shower fit into your Montgomery home flawlessly, but it’ll be easier to clean than the outdated materials in your current shower and it will last for years! Breathe new life into your home with a custom acrylic shower installation today!

Lucky for Montgomery, Tubs & More is here and ready to help you with your bath projects! There is no need to go weeks without a working bathroom. Tubs & More can complete most of our bathroom remodeling jobs (including acrylic shower replacement) in just one day! Why wait to create a space in your home that feels luxurious and comfortable, when you can call the experts at Tubs & More today!

Montgomery Acrylic Shower Replacement by Tubs & More

A new Montgomery shower isn’t just a showpiece for your bathroom, we know that it has a huge impact on your daily life and the life of your family! That’s why we take great care to make sure every acrylic shower installation is suited for your needs. Not only will an acrylic shower replacement make your home feel cozier, but it’ll be so much easier to clean and maintain! This non-porous material resists all types of water staining, grime, and mildew build up which is common in older showers, so your new shower will look great and keep your family healthy as well.

Why choose a Replacement Acrylic Shower for your Montgomery Shower

There are tons of benefits to receiving a new acrylic shower from Tubs & More just consider the following if you are thinking about a big remodeling project in your Montgomery home:

  • Easy installation – Unlike most remodels, an acrylic shower replacement is fast! There is no need for excessive demolition or tile work. 
  • Cost – Tubs & More delivers great quality at a great price, and a replacement shower is much cheaper than a costly renovation!
  • Durability – Your new shower will hold up against hard daily use and resist cracks and chipping.
  • Cleanliness – Since the surface of your new shower is non-porous that means that grime and dirty won’t stick to the surface, making your new shower a breeze to keep clean.
  • Updated materials – Newer materials out lasts those of traditional showers that you may have in your Montgomery bathroom, without fading or showing signs of age.

Acrylic Showers in Montgomery

The results speak for themselves! Take a look at our gallery and reviews for inspiration for your new shower, then contact us to get started! Tubs & More’s designers are ready to help you select a shower replacement that looks great and works in your Montgomery home. You can fill out our online form at any time or give us a call at 334-518-4615

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