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Shower Enclosure Installers in Montgomery

What is an easy and quick way to completely refresh your Montgomery bathroom? A new shower enclosure by Tubs & More! We offer a huge variety of styles and designs that will fit any home, and with these unique and customized shower enclosures there is also a match for any budget. Let our designers at Tubs & More help you create a new bathroom for your home. Shower Enclosures can create a comfortable and luxurious space for you and your family. 

Tubs & More has been installing new and replacement shower enclosures in Montgomery for over 22 years, which means that we are the bathroom remodelers that your community trusts! Our team has completed dozens of shower enclosure and door replacements over the years, so you can be sure that we know how to get the job done right!

Shower enclosures and doors can completely change the feel of your bathroom, and if you’re located in Montgomery many of Tubs & More’s projects can be completed in just one day! There is no need to wait around for contractors that won’t return your phone calls when you can work with the award winning team at Tubs & More! We know that a lot of questions can arise when choosing a new shower enclosure, which is why our highly reviewed customer service team is here with answers! 

Your first consultation will include taking precise measurements of your home to confirm that your new shower enclosure fits your home and your needs. After selecting and customizing your new enclosure design from glass doors to new hardware, our installation experts will get to work! Our teams have tons of additional training to make sure that we get the job done quickly, and efficiently which means less disruption to your everyday life! After your enclosure is installed and fitted perfectly into your home you can start enjoying the new look and feel of your Montgomery shower and bathroom.

Montgomery Shower Enclosure Installation by Tubs & More

Not only will a new shower enclosure create an attractive bathroom, but it makes it easier to keep it that way! All of our shower enclosures are made with only the highest quality materials. That means our completed projects are chip, stain and wear resistant! Tubs & More only installs the best, and that means with these updated materials, your new shower will be a breeze to keep clean. Let us help you create a space in your home that looks amazing and is easier to maintain.

Advantages of Shower Enclosures for your Montgomery Bathroom

Our quick and easy installation means you can enjoy your new show fast! Tubs & More is dedicated to creating your new bathroom as quickly as possible with flawless results! Just consider the following when thinking about a shower enclosure replacement for your Montgomery home:

  • No wait – Installation in as little as one day!
  • Low cost – A new shower enclosure is a fraction of a larger remodeling project cost
  • Durability – Your new enclosure will resist cracks, chips and staining better than the outdated materials in your current shower

Montgomery Shower Enclosures

Montgomery has trusted us for their shower enclosures since 1998, now it’s time to see what your neighbors are talking about! Fill out a short online form or give us a call today to speak with our design team! 

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